Top songs that make you cry

This song was inspired by a songs news article about Lela and that Raymond Howard, an elderly couple make who had disappeared in Texas.
Moment you'll cry: When Im feeling weak, and wash my pain walks down a one way street.Surprisingly, songs I Will Follow You Into the Dark was not written about anyone in particular, but rather about Ben Gibbards obsession over death.Akmu - " (Melted akdong Musician(akmu) - (melted) M/V "If the ice melts, a warmer songs song would have come out.Black is tactical a soliloquy by a broken-hearted man who is remembering his absent lover.Beck, Lost Cause (2002 photo credit: HckySo Flickr, recorded by the multi-instrumentalist maken and American singer-songwriter in 2002, this depressing track can be found on his breakup album, Sea Change.But why is the ice so cold?" w h a t g e t s t o.Being part of a band was often at odds with his domestic life.Knowing that songs about tragedy were big hits and selling lots of records, he got together with some of his friends at the time to tacos write.Whatever the heartache that made you stumble upon this article, you should make know that things will get better.This is how I really feel: I don't love you." w h a t g e t s t o m e I don't have a clear idea that why this song gets to me so: I have never loved someone and had to break. Oh, who am I maken kidding?
In 2002, tachiki it was covered by Johnny Cash to critical acclaim; it was one of maken Cash's final hit releases before his tachiki death.
Sam Smith was in a studio with William Phillips maken and taco Jimmy Napes who were experimenting with chords on the tachiki piano and simple drum patterns.Eric Clapton, maken Tears in Heaven (1992).Bono wrote the lyrics while struggling to reconcile his responsibilities as both maken a married man and a musician.They veered off the road tachiki in their Oldsmobile 88 and were found dead at the bottom of a canyon.In general, I have taco a soft spot for BB as they were my first boy tachiki group.Yesterday is a melancholy acoustic guitar ballad about a break-up.Weve all got those songs that strike a chord and get the tears flowing, but what are the saddest songs of all time (at least, taco according to us)?