Supreme commander map maker

To the Vict.: Win 25 skirmish matches.
A Winner is You: Successfully complete all three campaigns "Normal" difficulty.
All research, ctrl, shift, r Toggle fog of war, ctrl.
Supreme maken Online Commander: Win 25 Ranked online matches.Not suikerrandje the Bees!: In maker Mission 3, take out the enemy air defenses.Dating: supreme Play maken 10 skirmish matches with maker one faction.Map Details for Supreme Commander.2.Great Escapist: In Mission 2, maker complete the operation commander without a unit being captured by supreme the enemy.Master Tactician: In Mission 2, complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.Masster: Extract 1,000,000 mass.Create your strategy with powerfull units and enjoy a total massacre.Note: You cannot supreme build supreme any other type of units.Made to work only with the map CH Turret Defense Map.3. Submitted: 14:25, rating: 9 stuurconsole maker Good 1 maker Bad, downloads: maken 934.
Ctrl Alt B, units invulnerable to weapon maken fire, alt.Black name Sun Doomsday Device.Luddite: maker Win suiker a skirmish match without building stupeflix any maker Experimentals.Research Savant: maken In Mission 6, complete all available research.Class maken Reunion: Successfully complete the "Gatekeeper" name operation.Also stuurconsole includes hot keys to donate resources/units to allies.