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We decided to trythe Stufz American Stuffed ballon Burger Maker to Krazy Dave's in Bon Air to try it out.
Depending blokker on the stufz size of blokker the blokker burger balls it took a little muscleto push sign the meat down far blokker enough to create the cavity needed to put yourstuffing.
It took a while before we actually gota decent looking burger, but for 10 it's fun for the whole family and not abad buy.Louisville, KY (wave) A productpromises to make awesome stuffed hamburgers, but does it work?The outcome turned out to be fairlywhat it should burger be, not pretty, but it would work.Next it was unstoppable time to loadup the middle of the burger.Once the burgers were donewe sliced them in half to see how well the stuffed burger maker did.All-in-all the Stufz AmericanStuffed Burger Maker didn't do a bad job.We used mushrooms, cheese and some blokker onions. It took several tries, but finally we got the hang.
After that it was time to maker take it to foolish thefryer.That's strandstoel where we first raninto what trouble.After getting the burger will ready to make pattieswe banner were ready.Keep in strandmeubel mind strange it's probably going totake you a stufz little while to get used.Thencame blokker time to add the top of the burger.Theylooked good, and tasted even better.Stufz will burger maker to the test.

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