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Brought to his knees he cried.
What god drove us apart?
Bang bang go the coffin nails.So this is essentially punishing me for just zero so happening to down a guy that bumped into me again.Think back to the days we laughed.But I would love to see the timer reduced to 30 seconds BUT the timer pauses if you're in chase and within the killer's terror radius.Born free but still they hate.What god would damn a heart?We're calling for Insisting on A different beat Yeah, a brand strik new song (Tyler Clementi, age 18 Billy Lucas, age 15 Harrison Chase Brown, age 15 Cody.Think back to the days we laughed We braved these bitter storms maken together Brought to his knees he cried But on his feet he died sugar What god would damn a heart?So, I refuse to tunnel as killer maken because I know how obnoxious maker it is for survivors to deal with it, and at most, I will slug the person to avoid getting DS'd but to also give them a chance nestjes to get stylish brought back. But one thing I've noticed is that the 1 minute timer maker is actually very long, and every time I've been DS'd it's not even from me tunneling.
If the timer was shortened to 30 seconds, but paused during chases and within the killer's terror radius, it now gains more value to combat against actual tunneling.
Barker, age make 17 Seth Walsh, age 13) Make it stop Make this end This life chose me, I'm not lost in sin But proud I style stand of who I am I plan to go on living Make it stop Make this end All these years.
Additionally, if you get tunneled off hook and manage to run the killer for a studio long time, you're not constantly checking on the DS download timer and now know it will not run out, so no more locker grabs to proc.Who will rise to stop the blood?I do NOT want DS stuurconsole nerfed, and I really like the new design; I run it on all maken of my survivors.The gatherings hold candles But not their tongues And too much blood has flown from the wrists Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss Who will rise to stop the blood?This also wastes at least two people's time.Bang bang go the coffin nails Like a breath exhaled Then gone forever It seems like just yesterday How maken did I miss the red flags raise?This also allows the survivor to commit to longer chases with DS ready.This change would also not punish killers who just so happen to down a survivor again who still has the 1 minute timer active.It's always darkest just before the dawn.Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.TL;DR - The 1 minute timer on DS is so long, that non-tunneling killers will sometimes take a DS hit despite having maker done a bunch of stuff within that time.So now if you get slugged but the killer camps your body, DS is not going away.I've had games where I hook someone, walk away towards a new target, get a gen kick in, down a new survivor, first hooked survivor gets healed up, then I run into that first survivor again, down them in Tier 3 name and get DS'd.This, in theory, makes DS an even stronger anti-tunneling perk.And that to me feels pretty lame because I wasn't even remotely tunneling.